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山东·曲阜 “东方圣城 首善之区”


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  How happy we are to have friends from afar!
  Hello everyone!
  I am Peng Zhaohui, Mayor of Qufu City.It is my great pleasure to invite you into the hometown of Confucius.
Long Culture
  Qufu is a a charming city with profound history and culture.It belongs to Jining City, Shandong Province.This holy area is a gathering of humanities.2,500 years ago,Confucius, the great thinker, educator and founder of the Confucian school was born here.Qufu is a famous historical and cultural city.The world cultural heritage "Three Confucius" Confucius Temple, Confucius House, and Confucian Forest are located here.It has 208 key cultural relics protection units at all levels, including 13 national key cultural relics protection units,with more than 5,000 ancient stone tablet inscriptions and more than 700,000 cultural relics in their collections.On November 26, 2013,General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Qufu and delivered an important speech of vigorously promotes excellent traditional Chinese culture.We keep in mind the general secretary's entrustment,let Confucianism enter people and let culture integrate into life."New three Confucius" of Confucius Institute, Confucius Museum, and Nishan Holy Land became the new business cards of cultural communication.The successfully held Nishan World Civilization Forum,CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival main venue and other major events,enable the ancient Chinese culture inherit innovation,highlight the value of the times.
Charm of Confucius Town Slow City

  Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.Qufu with beautiful mountains and rivers,and full of Confucian charm.The old city is preserved complete so that the historical context and new city style complement each other,nature and humanities merge into one.

  There have Shimen Mountain, a national forest park, Confucius Lake, a national wetland park,and the cultural international slow city which combines ecological experience and cultural leisure.Qufu has won honors such as National Eco-city,National Garden City,National Forest City and National Tourism Demonstration Zone.    
Open and Innovative Business
  Qufu is a vibrant city with rapid development, suitable for live and business.Located on the Beijing-Shanghai economic artery,it is an important regional transportation hub and passenger flow center.The transportation network is criss-cross here.Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway and Rizhao-Lankao High-speed Railway both set up stations in Qufu,which is 20 kilometers from Jining Airport.

  The superior location of connecting east with west and integrating of south and north makes it a hot spot for investors from home and abroad.Electronic information, high-end manufacturing and cultural tourism industries are booming. Qufu has found "world language" and "cultural resonance" in its integration into globalization.  

  "People of the world are families."The elegant, honest, open and innovative Qufu people sincerely invite friends from all over the world to build a new era of dream together!

  Qufu, the hometown of Conducius welcomes you!

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